How Do I Serve my Spouse with Divorce Papers In Texas?

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Going through a divorce is not an easy process. The stress can sometimes feel overwhelming, as the future looms before you, veiled by uncertainty. One of the best ways to reduce stress and give yourself a sense of control is to understand how the divorce process works. A big fear and sense of confusion can […]

I Just Admitted to Myself It’s Over: What Do I Do Now?

Divorce Signpost Meaning Custody Split Assets And Lawyers

Admitting that a marriage isn’t working out and proceeding with divorce is tough. But once you have come to terms with ending a marriage, it’s time to start making some decisions. Mistakes during divorce proceedings can cost you emotionally and financially, so it’s important to protect yourself. If you’re unsure what steps to take after […]

The Reality About Child Support Payments in Texas

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Child support is one of the most important and talked about aspects of family law. It has become the subject of news and celebrity tabloids as well as a plot point for many forms of media. While this influx of information has increased awareness of child support, it has also led to misinformation that causes […]

5 Things You Need to Know After You’ve Been Served

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Being served divorce papers can be an overwhelming experience. It can be tempting to procrastinate about what to do with them as you try to sort through all the emotions and thoughts of what went wrong. Taking the proper steps, however, can ensure that you get the best possible outcome for yourself.  Alison Grant, Attorney […]

How Do Stepparent Adoptions Work?

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Stepparents of a child in Texas can file for adoption of the child they share with their spouse. Often, the biological parent will join the case and be considered a co-petitioner. It is important to fully understand the laws and steps that you need to follow to ensure the adoption is successful. Failing to do […]

Chapter 7 Vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: What Is the Difference?

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The term “bankruptcy” has taken on a negative connotation. Many individuals feel ashamed to admit that they need help re-establishing secure financial wellbeing. Due to the taboo nature of bankruptcy, there are some misconceptions and confusion surrounding chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you are currently considering using bankruptcy to solve your financial troubles […]

What Is Parental Alienation?

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Divorce is hard for any couple. That moment you realize the person you have given your heart and soul to is no longer the same and the relationship isn’t healthy for either one of you is terrifying. It is especially so when you have children in the marriage. Children have a harder time processing divorce […]

Can You Kidnap Your Own Child?

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You may think that you are unable to kidnap your own child, but this is actually not the case. It most often occurs during custody battles. Custody battles over children can be extremely stressful for both the parents and the child. In some cases, child custody battles escalate to the point where one parent decides […]

Is Collaborative Divorce Right for Us?

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The divorce process can be emotionally exhausting and cause a lot of conflict. Thankfully, there is an alternative to traditional divorce that can make the process quicker and smoother: collaborative divorce. This alternative changes the process as well as the outcome, both in terms of asset separation and mental impact. Wondering if a collaborative divorce […]

Texas Child Support Laws to Know when Divorcing

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Child support is often one of the most contentious issues in a Texas divorce case. Even couples that amicably agree on custody and visitation may vehemently disagree on such issues as child support arrangements. The State of Texas has strict guidelines for resolving these issues that can be helpful, but also confusing. Keep child support regulations in […]