What Is a Bankruptcy Discharge?

A person looking over their finances with the words, "what is a bankruptcy discharge?"

Bankruptcy is a term that makes many people uneasy, but it can be a fresh start for those who need it. At the end of the bankruptcy process, a bankruptcy discharge is ordered by the court. This order is created to relieve the individual of any obligation to repay the debts that fall under the […]

Can Bankruptcy Be Refused?

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Bankruptcy cases can be confusing and difficult for individuals seeking them out. Some debts cannot be discharged under a personal bankruptcy case and others are extremely difficult to have discharged, such as student loan debt. In some cases, there are times when a court may deny your entire discharge. In other words, your bankruptcy case […]

What Information Should I Bring My Divorce Attorney About My Finances?  

A couple reviews estate planning options with an attorney

One of the biggest challenges that couples face during a divorce is their finances. The dissolution of marriage results in the untangling of accounts and the redistribution of assets. Questions such as “who gets what?” and “who pays?” are common sources of stress during the divorce. Both of these questions are answered in part by […]

Navigating Joint Custody and Trick-Or-Treating

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Halloween is a very popular holiday among children in the United States. Children wait all year to dress up as their favorite characters or monsters, go through haunted houses, and of course, go trick-or-treating. While many children embrace the holiday with excitement, parents, and children in joint custody situations may feel stress surrounding this day […]

How to File for Divorce in Lewisville, Texas

Close-up Of Hand With Pen On Petition For Divorce Paper

When you and your spouse have irreconcilable differences, you may be considering divorce, which is an uneasy and uncertain process. Here is what you need to know concerning how to file a divorce in the state of Texas. Requirements Needed to File For Divorce To file for divorce in the state of Texas, at least […]

Understanding How Child Support Payments are Determined in Texas

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Divorce is not an easy process to go through, and this can be especially difficult when children are involved. The non-custodial parent may have concerns regarding what they might be ordered to pay for child support. While there are some horror stories out there, understanding how a court determines the amount of child support that […]

What Happens to Foster Care Children When Caretaker’s Divorce?

A gavel striking down with two rings and the words, divorce and foster care children.

Divorce can be hard on any couple, especially for families with children. When it comes to a divorce involving children, the Court will always place the welfare of the child first. This is taken into huge consideration when considering child support, visitation, child custody, and the division of assets. What happens when foster care children […]

Can I Get Child Support If I Am Not Divorced?


When one spouse walks away from the family, the remaining parent may feel the financial strain of supporting the children on his or her own. Is it possible that the custodial parent can file for child support if the couple is not legally divorced? This article takes a closer look at child support laws concerning […]

What Is Bankruptcy?

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When people are in financial turmoil and have no other options, filing for bankruptcy can help give them the break they need to get a fresh start. What is bankruptcy? How does it work and what are the effects once the term of bankruptcy is over? This article aims to answer these questions to help […]