The Reality About Child Support Payments in Texas

A man holds the hand of his young daughter as they walk through a field.Child support is one of the most talked about facets of family law. You can turn on the news or read tabloids to learn about some celebrity having to pay out millions to take care of their kid. You can read legal blogs about the state arresting a parent delinquent on payments.

All of this available information has increased awareness of child support; however, it has also led to lots of misinformation and innuendo across Texas. It is time to separate myth from reality.

Common Child Support Myths

There are a number of child support myths out there.

Many Texans still believe that men cannot receive child support. They fail to understand that society has changed. In the past, courts did give preference to mothers. This was necessary, to an extent, because men were usually the primary wage earners. Today, assuming the father has custody of the child, mothers are routinely ordered to pay child support.

There is a misconception about how much people have to pay. The myth that the state takes ”all of your money” is false. Instead, the government employs a formula, published for all to see, to decide how much child support to assess.

So, How Much Do You Have to Pay?

Anyone can visit the Texas Attorney General website to get an idea of expected child support payments. Then, sit down with a family law attorney to figure out if this amount is correct for your particular situation.

Always remember that the child support calculator does not take any extenuating circumstances into consideration. For example, someone could have extremely high medical bills, be attending college and have to pay tuition or owe money for large bills accrued while the two parents were living together.

An attorney can take this sort of information to the court to request a reduction of child support. After all, caring for a child is a responsibility not a penalty. The state does not want a parent to be overburdened.

Are Child Support Modifications Possible?

Yes, an attorney can request to modify child support payments. It is always best to view the amount of child support as temporary rather than permanent.

If the person required to pay has a change in lifestyle, such as getting laid off from work, the court will probably modify the child support amount if requested.

Get Compassionate Legal Advice

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