Ways Divorce Can Affect the Workplace

A father is hugging his child with the words, ways a divorce can affect the workplace.A divorce takes a huge emotional toll on everyone involved. Stress, anxiety, fear, and sadness can be overwhelming and distracting. Though everyone deals with these emotions differently, there are common symptoms of withdrawing, feeling easily irritated, or being distracted. An individual’s career can be completely derailed as they are going through a divorce, as the emotional strain makes it difficult for them to complete work on time or even to the best of their abilities. If you or a coworker of yours is going through a divorce, here are some ways that the emotional toll can affect the workplace.


An individual that is currently going through a divorce feels as though their whole world has been turned upside down. Family relations they once cherished are splitting apart, and each individual is left to deal with the pieces. This can result in an individual being physically or mentally absent from work.

Physical absences occur when the individual has to attend court dates or is now handling new responsibilities related to their children. It is important for them to have the freedom to meet these new obligations without feeling pressured by work. In the end, it can help keep productivity moving forward.

Emotional Stress and Work Performance

Regardless of the stressor, emotional distress can greatly impact a person’s ability to stay focused and succeed at work. Under normal circumstances, commercial and private businesses run under the understanding that everyone should show up ready to work and contribute to the good of the team. Unfortunately, emotional stress can leave employees feeling mentally drained. If you or a fellow coworker is emotionally absent due to stress from a divorce, it is important to seek out counseling or even time away from work.

Taking time away or talking to a counselor can give wounds time to heal and allows the individual to come back when they are able to concentrate and perform as they normally would. This also helps reduce the chance of making constant business or performance mistakes or decisions that may have far-reaching consequences. Ensuring the well-being of yourself or your fellow employee makes for a stronger and more loyal team and positive work environment.

Work Environment Stress

Individuals dealing with tremendous emotional strain may find their work environment stressful and become emotional or hostile at work. It is important to help yourself or your coworker reduce stress. This may mean issuing a leave of absence or a few days off to process and recuperate.

When it comes to divorce, stress can affect many parts of a person’s life. An exceptional divorce attorney like Alison Grant, Attorney at Law, can help you navigate through this difficult time. Contact her team today for more information and a consultation.