How to Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy may be necessary when an individual’s financial wellbeing is strainedAn attorney talking with a client with the words, "how to choose a bankruptcy attorney." due to an overwhelming debt to income ratio. When it gets to this point, bankruptcy is an option that can help individuals hit refresh on their finances and get a fresh start. While these cases are often stressful and emotional for the individual and their family, having an experienced bankruptcy attorney on your side can help ease some of the stress. An experienced bankruptcy attorney understands the many different principles and laws that surround bankruptcy law and can help you avoid costly mistakes. Here are some tips on how to find and choose a Lewisville bankruptcy attorney.

Ask for Referrals and Reviews

As with most businesses, products, and services, the best way to judge caliber and success is through personal references and reviews. A personal referral from a trusted friend, family member, or coworker should be the first place you start looking. If you have a personal attorney you have previously worked with, calling them and asking if they have any recommendations is another good way to find the bankruptcy attorney who can best meet your situation.

If you don’t know anyone who has any recommendations, looking online at reviews from individuals who have previously worked with the attorney can also give you a good idea of what to expect. Reviews and referrals are one of the best ways to get a clear understanding of how the attorney handles different situations, how they treat their clients, and whether or not those clients found success.

Contact Your County Bar Associations

Your county bar association will have a list of bankruptcy attorneys who practice in your area. When you get this list, you can check out their credentials and online reviews to help screen which lawyers you may want to work with.

Desirable Qualities

When meeting with your bankruptcy attorney for the first time for an initial consultation, there are a few things you will want to look for. Remember, while someone’s credentials, personality, and professionalism may look good on paper, your impression could be completely different when meeting with them in person. Keeping these qualities in mind will help you choose the best attorney for your situation:

They Provide More Than One Solution

Not all bankruptcy cases can be solved under Chapter 7. Chapter 7 is a complete cancellation of eligible debts, but not all cases need this, and going this route may put you in more harm than good.

A good bankruptcy attorney will look at your whole situation and present you with different options to decide between. Some individuals may need to make different financial decisions to pay their bills, while others may need to file under Chapter 13. Chapter 13 is a court-supervised payment agreement which is better for individuals who have enough income to take on some of their liabilities and prevent the property from being taken in a possible Chapter 7 or a lawsuit.

Understanding and being provided different options for your case can help you choose the best option for your situation. This can prevent potentially harmful repercussions from decisions that you didn’t know you were making.

They Show a Passion for Helping Their Clients

You want your bankruptcy attorney to show clear passion and drive to help you out of your current situation. Bankruptcy attorneys that appear aloof or indifferent to what happens to you are a definite red flag to find someone else. Always feel free to ask questions such as:

  • Why did you choose to specialize in Bankruptcy Law?
  • How many years have you been practicing?
  • How do you prefer to communicate?

They Hear Your Concerns, Understand You, and Answer Your Questions

Bankruptcy is often a painful decision for many families. Not only do you want your attorney to have the proper credentials, but you also want them to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. If a lawyer lacks sympathy or seems annoyed by your questions, they are not worth your time.

What Questions Should I Ask My Bankruptcy Attorney?

Wondering what questions would be best to ask when you are seeking out a bankruptcy attorney?

Here are some standard questions that not only show you the caliber of the lawyer but help you make the decision that is best for you.

  • Is filing for bankruptcy the best plan for me?
  • What are the pros and cons of going through with bankruptcy?
  • What percentage of your practice is dedicated to a bankruptcy attorney?
  • What information do you need to get started on my case?
  • Who will attend court with me?
  • How much do you charge and what does your fee cover?
  • Do you use a written fee agreement?

Achieve Financial Freedom With Alison Grant

Bankruptcy is a huge financial decision that should be used to help you gain financial freedom and help you start over. Having the right bankruptcy attorney on your side, such as the team at Alison Grant, Attorney At Law, can ensure that you are making the best decisions for your situation. Contact our team today for more information on our services or to schedule a consultation!