Alison Grant has helped me through the stress and anxiety of probating and being executor of three Wills. She organized, took care of the details and kept me informed of every step of the process so that when she stood by me in court things went smoothly and quickly. She also outlined the disbursement of assets and mailed consent forms to all of the heirs and even transferred the title of an oil royalty from the deceased to an heir.
B. Franklin

Gender Bias in the Lone Star State: Do Texas Judges Favor Women in Custody Disputes?

Texas law favors joint child custody because the courts want children to have meaningful relationships with both parents. Unfortunately, joint conservatorship is not always possible. In order for true joint custody to work, parents must be willing to give priority to the child’s needs.

Talking To Your Kids About Divorce

Telling your child about your divorce is a tough talk, but one that you need to have so that they understand what is going on, know what to expect in the coming months, and most of all, feel secure about their future. The

Alimony and Spousal Support in Texas

There is some good news for people going through a divorce and in need of alimony and spousal support in Texas. While in other jurisdictions alimony and spousal support are a virtually synonymous term, that is not the case in the

I Just Admitted to Myself It’s Over: What Do I Do Now?

Admitting that a marriage is over and divorce is imminent can be a difficult thing to do, but once you have admitted it to yourself it’s time to start making some decisions. Most people are not sure about the steps

The Reality About Child Support Payments in Texas

Child support is one of the most talked about facets of family law. You can turn on the news or read tabloids to learn about some celebrity having to pay out millions to take care of their kid. You can

Divorce and Your Kids: What to Know about Child Custody in Texas

Child custody and divorce laws in Texas are designed to create the best possible outcome for any kids involved in the process. Learning more about child custody can help you understand the process and what to expect as we work through

You Have Just Been Served With A Court Summons

This is not a movie or television show when you see the process server address the character, hand over the document and then make a quick exit. This has actually occurred in real life and you cannot believe this is

Understanding How Child Support Payments are Determined in Texas

Going through the process of a divorce is an experience most people would rather avoid. But when a couple has decided to divorce and there are children involved the process can introduce a dynamic which often becomes contentious. If you

5 Things You Need to Know After You’ve Been Served

Being served divorce papers can be an overwhelming experience. While it may be tempting to procrastinate after receiving official news of an impending divorce, it’s imperative to take the proper steps as quickly as possible. The following are five things

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